Lab Info Brochure

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Matlab code for power flow analysis of islanded microgrids

This code has been developed to perform power flow analysis of the LV Cigre European network under islanding conditions. Further details regarding the examined network can be found here. Please note that before executing the code, a proper installation of Matlab software and the opensource OpenDSS software is needed, which can be downloaded from here.

The methodology utilized for the power flow analysis of the current code has been developed within the framework of the project: Advanced co-simulation techniques for smart grids.

For any questions or issues please contact:

System Identification & Equivalent Models Toolbox

To access SIEMToolox, unzip the file: that can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

The SIEMToolbox is developed on the MATLAB programming language (R2017a) and can be launched by typing main_gui at the MATLAB prompt. Please note that older versions of MATLAB may yield errors.

For any questions or issues please contact:

Disclaimer: The accuracy of the results obtained with SIEMToolbox are not guaranteed by the developers. Any comments and suggestions on how to improve the toolbox are appreciated.