Research Areas

The Areas of Expertise of PSL include:

  • Power systems analysis and control
  • Simulation and modeling applications in power systems
  • Distributed Energy Resources
  • Smart Grids
  • Integration of renewable energy sources
  • Energy planning and forecasting
  • Energy auditing
  • Electricity economics
  • Electricity markets
  • Energy conservation and management, sustainability
  • Promotion of intelligent energy use
  • Energy policy
  • Demand side management
  • Power line communication applications in smart grids
  • Research and development in the area of electric energy and sustainable development
  • Promotion of rational and efficient use of energy
  • Co-operation with other European institutions and enterprises in research activities and projects
  • Independent consulting services  

The services provided by PSL are:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility measurements
  • High impulsive current testing on lightning protection devices
  • Dynamic behaviour studies concerning electrical systems and industrial
  • Consulting services to electricity market paricipants
  • Development / supply of specialized software for power system management  

PSL has been involved in more than 70 European, bi-lateral and national contract projects, mostly related to the research and development of power systems, renewable energy sources, electric power and consumption control, environmental impacts from power generation and applications of Information Technologies. It also co-operates closely with local energy authorities, energy market participants and power producers. Specifically, its Target Audience are:

  • Energy producers and distributors
  • Energy Service Companies
  • Private and public companies in the area of electric energy
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Local authorities
  • Public institutions
  • Small and medium enterprises