SMEmPower Efficiency – A new European project to improve energy efficiency in SMEs

On the 1st of September the SMEmPower Efficiency project kicked off.

The project is the result of joint efforts of ten EU partners, led by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The project ‘A holistic framework for Empowering SME’s capacity to increase their energy efficiency- SMEmPower Efficiency’ focuses on energy savings in the small and medium enterprises, conveying eight countries from the main geographical regions in Europe: West (Spain), Central (Germany, Italy), North (UK), Eastern and South Europe (Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus).

SMEmPower’s target is SMEs, aiming to supporting them in the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU), and its overall goals are:

  • to introduce energy saving mechanisms within their day-to-day activities;
  • to bring significant and validated energy savings for SMEs;
  • to establish suitable energy culture;
  • to trigger at least 4 mil € of investments in improving energy efficiency.

SMEmPower Efficiency is a 36 months action, where a series of activities will be deployed bringing together universities, SMEs and national associations. Within the project life the outcomes include:

  • Delivery of a series of integrated and accredited Education & Training courses for more than 700 professionals, targeting energy related SME staff.
  • Provision of energy surveys, technical assistance and concrete energy savings consultancy in at least 160 selected SMEs pilot sites.
  • Development of four long lasting training tools:
  • an advanced training handbook in 7 languages;
  • a web platform for energy analytics;
  • a tool for Monitoring & Targeting;
  • a tool for Measurement & Verification.

SMEmPower receives funding by the Horizon 2020 Programme, within the topic ‘Capacity building programmes to support implementation of energy audits’.

The ambition of the project is:

  • Primary energy savings: 24.86 GWh/year
  • Number of SMEs reached: 160
  • Number of training course programmes offered: 24

Are you interested in learning more or work with us at SMEmPower Efficiency project? Please contact:

Grigoris Papagiannis, AUTH,
Agnese Riccetti, EnerGiaDa,

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 847132.

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