Research project “PV-ESTIA”

The Power Systems Lab of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki participates in a new research programme entitled as “Enhancing storage integration in buildings with photovoltaics – PV-ESTIA“. Primary objective of the PV-ESTIA project is to enhance the integration of photovoltaics and energy storage systems in the building enviroment in 5 pilot areas, thus facilitating the transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs).

The project is implemented in 4 countries: Greece, Cyprus, FYROM, Bulgaria.

The primary goal of PV-ESTIA project is to: 

  • Enhance the integration of Photovoltaics and Energy Storage Systems in the building environment in 5 pilot areas, facilitating the transition towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings;
  • Identify and tackle barriers in PV deployment;
  • Provide a new energy management solution for residential and commercial buildings, taking into consideration potential interactions with the electrical grid;
  • Transform buildings into a controllable energy source;
  • Design and implement proper policies and regulations.

The main PV-ESTIA outputs are:

  • An innovative management scheme of PV+storage hybrid, making buildings grid-friendlier;
  • A generalized model assessing alternative policies related to implementation of such hybrids;
  • An online tool providing profitability estimation of such systems;
  • An advanced tool evaluating multiple policy scenarios;
  • A set of joint regulation recommendations in the form of a roadmap for the Balkan-Med region and joint policy recommendations targeting grid operators and relevant stakeholders.